The Canjars at University of Detroit

A Great Tradition



“Most Universities have one outstanding professor and human being, one person to build around, one model.


Dean Canjar is UD’s model “



Varsity News Editorial , 10 November, 1972





·         Both my parents were prominent members of the University of Detroit community. My father, Lawrence N Canjar, was Dean of the College of Engineering from 1965 until his untimely death in November 1972, and possibly the most loved and most respected leader on campus at that time. 


You can read about him in the articles from the Varsity News on November 10, 1972, the day of his funeral.  (Warning    This file is over  over 8 Megabytes. You may find it more convenient to do a “Save As  by right-clicking.  This would download a local copy that you can view locally.)


Here is an article in the UD Review of November 15 of that year.


My father’s “last speech”.  He was to give this November 10 at Oklahoma State University as the ConcoPhilps lecturer for that year.  The speech was printed before his untimely death.


·         My mother,  L. Patricia Canjar McDonald,   graduated with two degrees from  UD.  She is completed her bachelor’s degree here and then went on to get a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology in 1975.  She had been active in what was then the Faculty Wives Club and served as advisor to various student organizations, including ΚΒΓ sorority.   She is also mentioned in the articles above.  Here is her obituary from 2005.


·         James M (Jim) McDonald married my mother in September 1977 and remained with her until her death.   They enjoyed 28 years of happiness.  He was step-father for over  33 years, until his death  on March 30, 2011  Here is his obituary at Lynch Funeral Directors .


·          My bellcanjar2011.jpgbeloved wife Elaine Bell  is also a distinguished graduate of UD.  She received a Master in Computer Science from UD in 1987 and has been serving the school as Director of International Research.  And she also been a long-standing member of the President’s cabinet.   Here is a recent picture of us. 




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